The Realm of the Fae beckons me and calls my name to join in the antics and merriment, so for sometime I have walked along side and played to their tune.
Inspired by these little creatures who rarely show their faces but you know when you are being watched ... the eyes say it all ...
So as to recall my sightings I have taken it upon myself to emulate in the form of figurative art and on canvas, some of what I have seen ... imagined, heard and felt in the dark.
My work is a work of love, each character has spoken to me in a way that has endeared and embeded it's creation into my soul and much care along with many hours have been spent in their making. Only quality materials have been used in each process, many of the adornements have been collected over time and are now quite rare. Each doll is a collectors item and are not meant as a toy.
Thank you for stopping bye, you are always welcome guests. ♥♥♥