She came from the darkness into the light for a glimpse but dared not stay.
Her heart stolen from a handsome strangers stare.
Upon her shoulder words of wisdom pierced the chill of night, " Come away do not stay you can not
live in the light " ... and the shadows fell upon her once more, only Raven knew her hearts call
and pledged his life to keep her secret safe.
Oh! dear friend Delilah cried softly as not to be heard " The darkness has taken from me my love
and if I go forward into the light my life as I know it will be gone but if I stay my heart will
weep and I will walk in darkness alone. 
Silence cut the chilly air ... words were not spoken ... only time would tell of her journey's end
but for now the silence not was broken.

So alone she walked the halls off darkness and in the chilly silence secretly longed for the
strangers touch, the passing of time never healed the longing, nor the emptiness or pain.
Raven stood fast, he had pledged his life but in time he saw her dispare, Oh! faithful friend you
have always been there for me Delilah wept, now I must go ... follow my heart & if it means I must
 go alone a part of me will always remain with you. Raven knew now was the time he dreaded,
the time for them to part, a life to which if he were to go into the light he would die but he
daren't tell her of his fate, he was prepared to die. 

In the moonlight they met , their love for each other sealed by a glance. " Come away with me "
was on his lips & he took her by the hand. Don't be afraid to come out of the darkness, I will
protect you I will be your Knight in shining amour & as they turned & walked into the light she
saw for the first time & understood the Raven's call, his spell broken by her love and longing to be loved and in the moonlight as the moon beams dance upon his face before her eyes she saw her best friend the Raven transform & the stranger stood before her a stranger no more ...

The moral of this story is fear can if we allow it to, stop us from full filling our destiny.


                        ~ ~ ~ As seen through my eyes~ ~ ~

This is my story of the Royal wedding  ... the wedding that almost didn't take place.
Why? you may ask ... As the narrator of this story I can only tell you the parts that are known,
a picture tells more than I could possibly say and words insufficient alone. In time to come all
will be revealed through visual documentation but for now I ask bear with me a while, as my journey
takes me to a quiet place in the heart of my homeland, where knowledge & wisdom abound, there in the
tranquility of endless time & space ... The Enchanted Woodland of Amberdell will come alive once more ...

                        ... So to begin these words have need to be spoken ... Holzaptel had plans of her own,
she worked her magic spell over the handsome Prince to fall in love with her wicked daughter Gizzel .
Whispers went out through the darkness of the woods and were carried on the wind to those who dared
to appose her and when it seemed like all was lost and the Princess's heart was thought broken forever and life
as it once was seemed forgotten, the story goes that a great battle raged over the Kingdom until a force greater
than she (the evil one) was defeated and the spell broken. Hearts were mended and life returned to normal .
On a warm summers night they gathered to rehearse the happy day to come, all was well in the Kingdom again
& their young lives together just begun.

                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Scene is set ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Beneath the stars in a secret place, where nature created the perfect stage, deep in the woods hidden from mortal eyes,
they gather from near and far ... The Little Folk ...to hear the Story Teller's tale of a time not so long past.
Much excitement and chatter filled the air, with great expectation they took their places, for the story was about to unfold.

Even Aurora in all his splendor took his place and the moonlight danced upon his scales, a kaleidoscope of colors flashed
like jewels in the sky, enchanted Dragon that he is and between his toes a Forest Elf sits for he has a gentle nature as well.

High aloft Brienella peers down upon the stage and in her care Holzaptel and her daughter Gizzel are there,
banished to the highest limb for their part has bought them shame. "Take care" said the Wizard, " do not let them from
your sight, to be sure they stay where they belong my spell will keep them tight.

A gentle breeze aloft on high, the Faerie on the Wind adorns the sky ... and calls out to those below
      " Welcome All  ... be seated please ... enjoy this night of festivity".

The Scribe upon the stage he sits, quill and paper never still, Poet at the ready stands, his story telling a royal command.
Cobbler & Friar they both are there and they make a jovial pair. Faun & Opera Singer rehearse their song, for at the wedding
they will sing a love song so sweet.

Forest ... Feral ... & Water Faeries bow upon their Royal Sovereigns entry. Arabella & Flora Faeries lay flowers at their feet.

Prince & Princess this day will wed ... and then this story will be read to others in the future to tell,
how Good triumphs over evils spell.